So, your engaged and your planning your big day, Whooo congratulations. I’m so excited for you! So much to think about, the invites..the dress (of course the dress..!!) the venue..the rings, cars, flowers, food, suits, bridesmaids dresses, page boys, best-man, photographer, videographer, live band, DJ (have I missed anything out??) oh THE CELEBRANT.  How could you not include The Celebrant?  The celebrant who will write and deliver your ceremony with love, with passion, with meaning, the celebrant who will tell your love story and your journey to this day, your wedding day. The celebrant who will compliment what is already going to be an amazing day!

One of my favourite parts of being a celebrant is getting to know the couples I work with.  At our first initial meeting I’ll be intrigued by your love story, how you met, where you first kissed, where was the proposal etc etc.  I’ll delve into your journey, your adventures and your experiences. We’ll have fun exploring your vision, let’s share your aspirations and bounce ideas off each other so we can make your ceremony as unique and as special as you. I’m not into ‘box standard’ I like originality, I like to encourage couples to think outside the box, so let’s scrap the rules, lift the restrictions and let’s create something from scratch to make your ceremony the one that stands out from the crowd.

I’m here to give you tips and help advise on music, readings, poems and symbolic rituals, adding colour and character to your ceremony. I’m a keen poet, writing many a poem for friends and family milestone occasions, capturing the quirks in their characters and the essence of their personalities. Beware, my poems always raises a chuckle and require audience participation! If a bespoke poem is for you, we can explore when we meet.  

Indoors, outdoors, in a field or a secluded beach, wherever you choose to marry, it’s your ceremony, I’ll be there. Your wedding day is THE most important day of your life and I’d love to compliment what is already going to be an incredible day.  

From initial consultation my support will include writing a bespoke, personalised ceremony from scratch, which will be delivered on the day with love, passion, fun and laughter. I’ll oversee the smooth running of your ceremony on the day. You will receive a beautifully presented copy of your wedding ceremony and a wedding certificate leaving you with keepsakes to treasure for life. 

If you’d like to chat further on how I can create a unique and personal ceremony for you,

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Ceremony Rituals

A great way to add colour and originality to your day is to include a traditional ritual ceremony. There are so many to choose from, most dating back to ancient historic times, but you can adapt old traditions and own them as your own. Again, no hard fast rule, we can adapt any ceremony to work for you. We can even make one up, I’m totally open!!

So, whether you want to choose a wine ceremony (or any other tipple you fancy!), jump the broom, wash each other’s feet, break glass, throw paint (not at each other, we can’t get paint on the dress!), plant a tree or create a time capsule. I’m happy to work with you on your wishes.

Here are a few of the more popular wedding rituals couples include in their ceremonies…

Hand fasting

The hand-fasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition symbolising the binding together of two people…and the origin of the phrase ‘tying the knot!’.  

Hand-fasting is a visual and modern way of bringing two people and their families together. Friends and family members can step forward taking turns to wrap the chords around your hands. Children love to be involved so if your entering into a blended marriage, a hand-fasting ceremony is a great way to unite both families making commitments and promises as the knots are tied. It’s a beautiful and meaningful way to start a marriage.  

The ceremony can be fun and be made personal. Ribbons or chords can be a variety of colours and be made from materials or fabrics that have specific or certain meanings you. The fabric could have specific symbols, words or scenes that mark major moments in your relationship. The chords or ribbons are a symbol of unity and bonding. 

You can exchange vows while your hands are still bound together. This is known as the hand fasting vows. It’s a creative spin on traditional vows as your hands are tied together while promises are made to each other.  

Sand Ceremony

The unity sand ceremony is a unique, quirky and visual symbolisation of the joining of two people together in marriage, it can signify each of your hopes, dreams and values. There is no hard fast rule for a sand ceremony, a ceremony can be created that reflects your style and its a lovely moment for guests to witness.

You will both take sand from individual vessels, pour the sand into a unified central one, and combine the grains into one.  The combining of the different colours in the sands is a great way of involving children and can also represent the blending of two families. The beauty of a sand ceremony is the finished creation – you have a beautiful ornamental addition to your home giving you an everlasting memory of your wonderful day.

You can choose to make your commitments, exchange vows or exchange rings as you pour sand into each vessel –  or the ceremony can take place before or after vows and ring exchange.  Specific readings, prayers or religious aspects can be included as part of the ceremony.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The lighting of a “unity candle” is a relatively new custom in wedding ceremonies. As a ritual, it often happens in Catholic ceremonies however the custom first became popular in the second half of the 20th century in American Christian weddings, it gained in popularity after it was featured in an episode of General Hospital back in the 80’s. 

Use of a unity candle generally symbolises the joining of two individuals into the marriage, the flame may be said to represent the passion, light and energy in each individual’s soul for their partner, representing the spark of love that attracted you to each other in the first place. The eternal symbol of two flames becoming one not only means two hearts becoming one, but an entire family uniting as one force. 

For Christians, it may be compared to the Holy Spirit and Jesus, who is the light of the world, within the souls of those who are baptised. This ritual is an ideal way to celebrate those couples who would like an interfaith ceremony.  

Two taper candles are initially lit and used by each member of the marrying couple. These tapers are then used to light a larger pillar candle in the centre. Involving children in a symbolic candle lighting may seem a small task, but to a child, this is an amazing opportunity to participate in the ceremony. We can personalise the candles and decorate them with your names and date of the wedding. 

Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring warming  is a tradition that originated in Ireland and ceremonies are now practiced at weddings all over the world. Each guest simply holds each wedding ring in their hand when it is given to them, they then warm it up with a wish, prayer, or good thoughts and positive vibes for your future together. Then they pass the rings on to the next person!

Wedding rings are a visible symbol of a couple’s commitment to one another. The ring warming ceremony turns the two pieces of metal into a sacred gift blessed by the couple’s loved ones that they may carry with them into marriage.

There are a few ways to incorporate this tradition…

The rings can be placed in a pouch, a box, a small pillow or even tied to a ribbon at the ceremony venue, allowing each person to participate in warming the rings for a few moments before taking their seats. Responsibility could be given to the best man, an usher or another guest to execute this.

The ring warming can be held during the ceremony.  The best man or usher can be designated to pass the ring round to guests before the couple exchange their vows. The rings can be passed round as the celebrant continues with the ceremony until the time of ring exchange.

If there are a large number of guests you can keep it simple and choose who you want to warm up their rings, you can include immediate  family and selected guests.


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