Arranging a funeral and saying goodbye to the lost life of a loved one isn’t easy. The loss and pain can strike very deeply and grief is the reaction to loss. Knowing your loved ones wishes are fulfilled when they cross to the other side, can help the grieving process when you say your final farewell.  

As your funeral celebrant I will endeavour to make a harrowing process as pain free as possible. I will spend time with you, offer support and be by your side so we can create a beautiful ceremony that will allow you to pay tribute to your loved one respectfully. I will create a meaningful and personal ceremony that reflects and captures the essence of your loved ones character, personality and all elements of their life. On the day I will be with you to offer support to help you through this difficult time.  

As your celebrant, I have an understanding of a range of different faiths, religious and cultural beliefs, which I can include, should you choose. I can also offer advice and guidance on music choices, readings and poems. If family members or friends would like to say something on the day, I will be close by to offer them support, and if they stumble, don’t worry I’ll seamlessly step in and deliver the message they’d like to relay.  

Your loved ones funeral is a celebration of their life, my aim is to help you celebrate their life in a graceful and respectful way. 

It would be a privilege to help you say a fond farewell to a lost loved one. If you’d like to chat further on how I can help you say goodbye,

please do give me a call on 07861 223020.

Alternative ceremonies

As a modern celebrant I can also offer advice on other alternative types of funerals and ceremony’s. Funerals don’t have to take place in a crematorium. For those who are looking for something a bit different and who want to buck the trend of the usual traditional funeral, I’d love to explore different options with you.

Direct Cremations

Direct cremations are currently bucking the mainstream funeral trend. All body preparation and full funeral services are bypassed leaving the body of your loved one being cremated directly after death, making the price of funerals affordable and less costly. And in doing so, a direct cremation paves the way to having a celebrant led ceremony that reflects the values and beliefs of how your loved one lived their life. As a modern celebrant I can pull from a wide array of knowledge and skills that focus entirely on how to create a personalised ceremony that can make a life celebration into a unique event. 

A Celebration of Life ceremony can be held in a variety of locations – a beach, a back garden or open air woodland, a country park, a stately mansion…basically anywhere you desire. Making the celebration special and personal, the ceremony can be tailored to your loved ones hobbies, interests, likes and passions such as a sport, art and culture. Decorations, memorabilia, food and live music such as a band or a vocalist will create an everlasting memory reassuring that your loved ones life was celebrated in style.  

I can offer ideas such as incorporating a video or slide show of photographs, setting off fireworks, memory boards or books with written quotes or favourite memories of your loved one and tying them to balloons or setting off lanterns symbolising the ‘letting go’ (even though they will never be forgotten), can often help the grieving process and a feeling of saying goodbye. 

You can say goodbye to a traditional crematorium funeral, and hello to a ceremony that is an uplifting tribute to a life lived.  

From initial consultation my support will include writing a bespoke personalised ceremony, which will be delivered on the day with warmth, feeling and empathy. I’ll oversee the smooth running of your ceremony on the day. You will receive a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony script leaving you with a keepsake to treasure for life. 

Woodland Burials

Woodland burials, also known as green or natural burials are increasingly popular and an eco friendly option for funerals. They take place in designated woodland areas or natural burial grounds and don’t involve embalming the body, as they do with normal burials or cremations.

Woodland burial plots are typically unmarked but with a natural alternative such as a tree or flowers, that with time will blend in with the surrounding woodland.  Biodegradable or eco friendly coffins help reduce the carbon footprint as they are made from materials that have minimal environmental impacts.

This style of funeral usually appeals to people who liked to be close to nature or those who cared about the environment and wanted to protect the planet even after their death. The idea of laying a loved one to rest amongst nature, surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife is becoming increasingly popular. People tend to see the entire wood as a memorial to their loved one.

Unlike a traditional funeral, woodland burials are considered more flexible. They don’t follow a conventional agenda, nor do they require hymns or religious readings – unless you wish. With a natural burial, there are no expectations, giving the freedom to carry out a ceremony according to your loved ones wishes.

Some burial sites have a building or centre where a more traditional-style indoor service can be held and some sites offer special areas such as yurts, large tents or gazebos for an outdoor ceremony.


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