Hi there, I’m Julie, thanks for taking the the time to visit Live Life Love.  If you’d like to know a little bit about me, here’s a bit about my journey…

After a long and turbulent journey, at the ‘young’ age of 49 all my hopes and dreams came true and I finally gave birth – making me a proud single mum to my beautiful boy Miller. He is the one true love of my life.  He makes me so happy, he makes me laugh (and also makes me angry when he won’t clean his teeth..!) and he makes the sun shine in my world…even on a rainy day! He’s a little whirlwind, full of energy and mischief, of course I wouldn’t have him any other way.  Our days together are filled ‘scooting at the skate ramps, sliding down the slides in the parks, dancing in the living room like grandads at a wedding and kicking the football as if we’re Harry Kane..! Everything I do, I have his happiness at heart.

Having spent the last 30 years in Business Development, Customer Focus and Event Management roles, I welcomed the opportunity to set up Live Life Love.  I had one of those light bulb moments whilst listening to the celebrant at my uncle’s funeral – I thought…this is it…this is what I want to do…I want to become a celebrant..!  From that moment I changed my career path and from there….Live Life Love was born.

I believe in destiny, I believe in fate, I believe chances and opportunities come our way and it’s the decisions that we make that lead the path that is life. Sadly unexpected and unforeseen circumstances are thrown in the mix, but it’s those moments in our life that make us stronger and prepare us for the future.

I have a passion for people, people are interesting, people fascinate me. I love unplanned encounters, meeting random people…sharing life’s stories… only to say goodbye and never meet again! I love building relationships, getting to know one another, cementing friendships or working relations.  I love all things celebration, they excite me.  I loved working with clients within Business and Event Management roles.  From initial enquiry, nurturing and helping the client through the process, giving advice and being creative to achieve the celebration that reflected their wishes and vision, just gave me a real buzz.

Now it has been known for me to write a poem or two for friends and family to celebrate weddings, milestone birthdays, as well as celebrating the lives of lost family loved ones at their funeral. I’ve even written poems for my ‘furry’ sons who I sadly said good bye too…how could I not? I love to capture the essence of the person I’m writing about, I love to write about their personality traits, the quirks in their character and the experiences we’ve shared…in a nutshell I love to tell a story and make it rhyme!

I’d love to write and tell your story…the perfect love story for your wedding ceremony…your hopes and dreams for the new addition into your world…the journey that led you to renewing your vows…or the life story of a loved one who you’ve sadly said goodbye too.

Whatever the occasion, it would be a privilege to be part of your day and tell your story. If you’d like to chat further,

please do give me a call on 07861 223020.

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